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How to Remove Android Activation Lock?

posted this on June 27, 2017, 10:10 am

Your Android device may have an activation or reactivation lock which prevents someone else from activating your device should it be lost or stolen. If you're returning your device under warranty or reselling it however, the lock should be disabled beforehand. In the event a device has left your possession but still has your Google account information on it, such a lost device or even a returned device the information can be removed remotely. This feature should work with Android phones running Android OS 5.01 or higher. If the device was factory reset with the Google account still on the phone and Factory Reset Protection/Device protection is enabled, the device will ask for the Google information on start up and remote removal will not work. REMOTE REMOVAL OF GOOGLE ACCOUNT 1) Log into your Google account [ https://myaccount.google.com/ ] 2) Once logged in go to Device Activity & Notifications ( Under the Sign-in & Security)   google page 1    

3) Next click on Review Devices (Under Recently Used Devices)
google page 2
4) Select the device you wish to remove your Google account from
google page 3

5) Click the red 'Remove' button beside Account access.

6) There will a confirmation window, select REMOVE

google page 4

7) A second window will show access has been removed

google page 5

8) Now in the list of recent devices, the selected device will show Access removed

google page 6

**NOTE: after removing the Google account access perform the reset from the settings of the phone.  On some model phones a Hardware reset will request the Google account information during setup.**


If a google password is changed and the device is immediately factory reset, a message will appear after a restart. please sign in using one of the owners accounts for this device” will appear.

This indicates the google account on the phone is now locked for 72 hours and you must wait for it to reset.

So far we have only witnessed this behavior on samsung devices.


Disable reactivation lock

The owner of the Samsung account associated with the device is the only person who can disable Reactivation Lock on that device.

To disable Reactivation Lock:

Erase all content and settings on the device. For more information, see the how-to guides for your device on the Devices page.

Use a computer to erase your device remotely and remove it from your account:
In a web browser, visit http://findmymobile.samsung.com/ and log in with your Samsung Account ID. Click Wipe my device.

Click Erase device.

When the device has been erased, click Remove from Account.

Note: You can also use this procedure for devices that won't power on.

If you received an email from Buy Back Pros LLC asking you to complete these steps, use the link in your email to let us know you've removed it from your account so we can continue to process your device.  

Please note: If you are still in possession of your device, you can turn off Find My iPhone right from the settings menu.  If you aren't able to remove the device from your iCloud account, please contact us for assistance.

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